Hi I'm kayla and I like things
Friends About me
Mere Laugh My face
notafloozy says: jauren. i had to


Who cooks: Joey, except Lauren has a fetish for desserts

Chores: they leave it until it gets wayyyy too messy so they both have to clean it

Kids: three

Dominance: Joey pretends he is and Lauren just rolls with it for the fun

Non sexual activity: watching movies

Place: a restaurant definitely

Traditions: Nerf guns can be found around the house

Their song: granger danger just kidding uh, check yes Juliet

Holidays: try their hand at handmade things then get so aggravated they end up just laughing about their failed attempts

Honeymoon: bug Christmas(;

First met: some Michigan party

Pets: like three dogs (and they’re kids whoops)

Fights: which restaurant to go to, who has to do the chores that day

Vacations: they try to surprise each other but it never works out whoops